Frozen Street corn & feta bite, vegetarian & gluten-free

Sweet corn and feta bites seasoned with cajun spices coated in a light gluten free batter flecked with coriander & red chilli flakes. Gluten-free & vegetarian product.

Elaborated in the UK, our cromesquis is associating both texture and flavour thanks to its crispy crumb and its generous filling. Filled with feta and sweet corn, this product is also coated in a crispy breadcrumb flecked with rice flakes and parsley which make it visually attractive. Our cromesquis perfectly fits the market trends as it’s vegetarian and guaranteed gluten-free. This product is available under different formats, from 17g to 50g in order to adapt to all food & catering activities.

Quick & easy to cook a few minutes in the oven. Our cromesquis is today the inevitable product for your buffets & meals, offering a surprising contrast between a crispy and soft texture!