Frozen CHICKEN KORMA 4-1-Freshpack

Frozen Chicken korma

A traditional Indian curry made of tender pieces of chicken, a creamy sauce made from coconut milk and several spices.

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Biryani chicken

Our range of Indian food is served in two-compartment containers, with meat cooked in a sauce and accompanied by cooked rice.

Chicken tikka: yoghurt and tomato sauce seasoned with spices.
Chicken korma: a rich mix of cooked spices in coconut milk, with a touch of chilli.
Butter chicken: traditional recipe of chicken cooked in butter, with a smooth sauce.
Byriani chicken: chicken cooked with vegetables (tomato, pepper and onion), served with rice.
Tandoori chicken: cooked with typical spices of a lovely red colour.
Goa chicken: recipe from the South of India with coconut.

Cooking instructions

Microwave on 900w for 5 minutes
Frying pan.

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