Our values

We aim for excellence and our foremost requirement is quality. These values have always dictated our action, reasoning and practices.


Food safety:

our network of manufacturing partners offers high quality products. The majority of our suppliers are BRC certified and we carry out frequent inspections of their production sites.
Our Quality department controls each batch before it is delivered.

Our Madagascar plant, which has been certified to EC and HACCP standards, has its own analysis laboratory certified by the Pasteur Institute, which enables controls and analyses before loading.
All our crew regularly undergoes quality training.
We have flawless traceability, from the ship to the distributor.

Trust and reliability:

big names in distribution and the food industry, industrials and manufacturers trust us and appreciate our control of the source, the quality of our products and our ability to innovate and adapt products to their needs.
Controlling our supply chain guarantees regular supplies all year round and our storage facility is an added service and insurance.

Constant innovation:

we are open to dialogue, attentive to your needs and those of consumers, constantly developing inventive and innovative products in accordance to your specifications. Our Research and Development department, which is always active, looks for new and convenient products, quick to prepare and with different exotic flavours to surprise your customers.

A responsible company:

as producers in Madagascar, we practice sustainable fishing and our supply chain is based on the responsible use of resources in order to protect natural resources: controlling fishing with a 4 month biological recovery period, wider holes in the nets and the implementation of the Turtle Excluder Device (TED) and BRD (By Catch Reduction Device) with the WWF.

In collaboration with the GAPCM (Group of Madagascar Fish farmers and Prawn Fishermen), we have begun the process to gain an MSC environmental certificate.