Food Safety

We carefully select our suppliers in order to guarantee the best quality for our products.

Most of the plants we work with are certified BRC and IFS.

We regularly validate and evaluate the plants and suppliers.

FRESHPACK is IFS Broker certified and applies accordingly its working methods and controls.
Our quality team is composed of 3 persons and controls all deliveries and adapts to our customers specification.

Our Madagascar plant, Pêchexport, CE approved and HACCP certified, owns an analysis laboratory fully-integrated by the Pasteur Institute, which permits systematic controls and analysis before every loading.

Our prawns have flawless traceability, from the boat to the distributor.

Trust and reliability :

Famous names of the distribution and food industry, industrials and processors, trust us and appreciate our sourcing control, our products quality, our capacity to innovate and adapt to their own needs.
The control we have on our supply chain guarantees you regular supplies all along the year and our storage possibilities represent an additional service and safety.

Permanent innovation :

Aware of your demands and needs but also of the customers expectation, we commit in regularly offering inventive and innovative new products suiting your specification. Our R&D team, always active, keeps looking for new products, convenient, easy to handle, and with various exotic flavours to surprise your customers.

A responsible actor :

Producers in Madagascar, we practice a sustainable fishing and our subsidiary is based on a resposible fishing in order to preserve natural resource : full control of thefishing with a 4 month biological recovery period, bigger holes in the nets, implementation of the anti-turtle dispositive (TED) and of the BRD (By Catch Reduction Device) with the WWF.
In partnership with the GAPCM (Groupement des Aquaculteurs et Pêcheurs de Crevettes de Madagascar), we have started a process of MSC Certification.
We also develop an MSC certified seafod range (scallops nordic shrimps, mussels) and organic (shrimps, mussels).