Frozen chicken yakitori – Thaï Tapas

Yakitori, a typical Japanese dish, is a skewer of marinated chicken, barbecued and coated in sauce.
Recipes to discover: Teriyaki, Tom Kha, Saté, Tsukune.

Our yakitoris are an ideal size for buffets or an original starter, 25g.
The various recipes use chicken breast:
Yakitori Teriyaki : traditional skewer with caramelised soy sauce and spices
Yakitori Tom Kha : with coconut milk and lemon grass
Yakitori Satay : with peanut and ginger
Tsukune : Chicken meat balls cooked with onion and garlic, barbecued and coated in Teriyaki sauce.

Cooking instructions

Pre-heat oven to 210°C/425°F – Gas mark 7
Reheat in microwave at 900W

Product made in Thailand.

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