Frozen Seafood mix

Standard or royal mix, we allow you to create your own mix from a variety of quality seafood: squid rings, mussels, scallops, coldwater prawns, etc.

Mix of various seafood: cooked mussels, scallops, prawns, etc…


our mixes are made in France from ingredients from around the world.


for cold dishes (mixed salads).
Microwave (on defrost setting):
Place the mix in a suitable container. Defrost for 4 minutes for 250g or 8 minutes for 500g. Rest for 10 minutes.

In the fridge: place mix in a container, ensure it is flat.
Defrost for 4 hours and drain.

Re-heating (from frozen):

for hot dishes (pasta, bakes, quiche, paella)
In a court-bouillon: place cocktail in a simmering court-bouillon and reheat for 2 minutes after simmering has started again.

Frying: fry the mix in olive oil for 5 minutes on a high temperature until juice reduces.